SEO Tutorials 2017 Part 3

Welcome to Nihad IT SEO Tutorials. On this Tutorial, I have tried to discuss about Keywords, Keywords Ideas, Keywords Types.

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  1. Md Mayin Uddin says:

    Phrase Match keywords :
    1. How to weight loss?
    2. Weight loss in 30 days.
    3. Weight loss without exercise.
    4. How to Weight loss properly?

    Broad match keywords :
    1.How can I loss my weight.?
    2.How can I Loss my weight without dayet.
    3.What king of fruits is useful for loss weight?
    4.Is there any drink to loss my weight?
    5. How to loss weight without any harm.
    6.Loss weight properly.
    7. How can I loss my weight to make me slim?
    8. How can I remove my over weight.
    9. Simple way to weight loss.
    10.How to weight loss without fasting?

    • NIHAD IT says:

      Bepar na, asha kori eibar sure hoye gechen ki hobe. Thanks

    • Md Mayin Uddin says:

      আমি একবার মনে করছি এই ভাবে লিখব।।কিন্তু আপনি যে বলছেন Exact match keywords ঠিক রাখতে তাই ওয়াড গুলা আগে পিছে করি নি।।হয় তো আমার বুঝা র ভুল।।

    • NIHAD IT says:

      no 1 ta thik nai, technically wrong. How to lose weight, eivabe hobe. Thanks

  2. Maksuda Zilani says:

    vhalo hoyacha

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